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  Jockey Club ‘Craft Your Life Together’ Co-living Community Project (JCCCP) was awarded the ‘The Outstanding Future Project (Residential) – Merit’ of Build4Asia Awards 2022 17.11.2022  

賽馬會「拍住上」共居社區計劃榮獲Build4Asia Awards 2022年度 Outstanding Future Project (Residential) 優異獎


Congratulations to Jockey Club ‘Craft Your Life Together’ Co-living Community Project (JCCCP) in receiving ‘The Outstanding Future Project (Residential) – Merit’ of Build4Asia Awards 2022. The ceremony was held on 17th November, 2022 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, JCCCP is a halfway house redevelopment project commenced in 2019. The redeveloped smart building, Jockey Club Key House, will be the first-ever co-living facility targeting out-of-home youths and persons in recovery. SRACP integrated the key elements of the Foyer Approach, a residential and developmental service concept for homeless youths from overseas, and the Recovery Model widely used in mental health service to create a brand new Synergistic Co-living Model. In addition to a new residential service, the new concepts were incorporated not only in the new co-living service, but also the building design to create a nurturing environment that best suits the needs of the two target groups. The redevelopment project is expected to complete in 2024, and a 3-year service implementation will be launched in the Jockey Club Key House afterwards.

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  Ms. Vivian KONG Man Wai was appointed as SRACP Youth and Health Ambassador 28.9.2022  

Ms. Vivian KONG Man Wai was appointed as SRACP Youth and Health Ambassador


To celebrate SRACP's 65th anniversary and raise fund to support service development, "Go Green•Charity Yoga Day" was successfully held on 25 September 2022 (Sunday). During the opening ceremony of "Go Green‧Charity Yoga Day", Mr. Justice POON Siu Tung, Chairperson of Executive Committee, announced that Ms. Vivian KONG Man Wai was appointed as our Youth and Health Ambassador, hoping to strengthen the promotion of physical and mental health during the epidemic.

Vivian loves to exercise in pursuit of healthy live and her concept completely coincides with SRACP. She was committed to supporting our Society and helping to strengthen the promotion of healthy life. She hopes to mobilise all sectors of society carrying out "Understanding and Unwavering" support to achieve the goal of "Being Healthy is Lifestyle" together!

Vivian is a Hong Kong women’s epee fencer and Asian Fencing Championships winner in 2018 and 2022. In 2019, she became Hong Kong’s first fencer to win a world cup title. She also had been named in the Ten Outstanding Young Persons selection in 2021 and won Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards.


  SRACP Honoured with “Extraordinary Branding Awards 2021” 18.8.2021  



In recognition of its outstanding contributions in promoting high-quality social services and positive brand image over the years, The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (SRACP) has been honoured with the“Extraordinary Branding Awards 2021” by JCI Queensway.

Over the past 60 years, SRACP has been committed to providing quality rehabilitation and multifarious services to assist Hong Kong residents who are charged with a criminal offence, have been convicted of crimes, or released from prisons; as well as to provide community education, mental health service and crime prevention programmes for the general public of Hong Kong.

Last year, the pandemic brought unprecedented to our community. SRACP made good use of information technology and social resources to launch innovative services, such as "Love Delivery Under COVID-19", "Happy Learning Thro’ Play", etc., to provide timely support for the disadvantaged groups to tide over the current difficulties. In the future, SRACP will continue to offer more quality and innovative services to the underprivileged.

JCI Queensway puts up event posters at major MTR stations to commend the outstanding achievements of the winners in each category. For the details of Extraordinary Branding Awards 2021, please visit:


  【服務新里程】賽馬會「拍住上」共居社區計劃 - 「賽馬會箕寓」動工儀式 2.6.2021  

【服務新里程】香港賽馬會「拍住上」共居社區計劃 - 「賽馬會箕寓」動工儀式


「賽馬會箕寓」動工儀式於6月2日順利完成,標誌新大樓的建築工程正式展開!本會承蒙香港賽馬會慈善信託基金捐助港幣約2.4億元,重建有25年歷史的筲箕灣宿舍成為「賽馬會箕寓」,並攜手推行本港首個以無法與家人同住的青少年(家外青年)和精神復元人士為對象的共住服務 -「賽馬會『拍住上』共居社區計劃」。大樓預計將於2023年落成。


  SRACP recognised as “Mental Health Friendly Supreme Organization” 3.5.2021  



SRACP has always attached great importance to the mental health of its staff, providing various resources and activities to promote mental health awareness and a positive workplace.

We have recently signed the “Mental Health Workplace Charter” which is part of the on-going mental health promotion and public education initiative, with a view to building a mental health-friendly society in the long run, implemented jointly by the Department of Health, the Labour Department and the Occupational Safety and Health Council.

Furthermore, we have been commended as a "Mental Health Friendly Organization of Excellence". As of April 30, 2021, 596 organisations, including the private sector, public bodies, educational institutions and NGOs, have signed the Charter.

Detailed information please visit the following website : https://mentalhealthcharter.hk/en/index.html

  Gold Award in Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2020-2021 30.4.2021  

榮獲網上無障礙 - 「無障礙網頁嘉許計劃」金獎


Congratulations to Bright Services Co., Ltd.(BS) to achieve the "Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme-Website Category" for three consecutive years of the Gold Award this year.

The Scheme is organised by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) and co-organised by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, with the Equal Opportunities Commission as the independent advisor. The use of innovative technology in web design satisfies the needs of different people. Also, it promotes social integration and enhances the social image of BS.

Bright Services Co., Ltd. is a non-profit social enterprise operating by the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong. It is committed to providing various services for companies, institutions and families. Congratulations again to BS for winning!

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  Rotary E-Club of Tamar HK co-organised the Online Healthy Cooking Competition 31.10.2020  



Rotary E-Club of Tamar HK co-organised the Online Healthy Cooking Competition with SRACP from August 2020 to October 2020. There were 22 competitors from 7 Integrated Service Centres for Social Rehabilitation. In this competition, participants were using the multifunctional rice cooker sponsored by the Rotary E-Club of Tamar HK for fire-free cooking. Videos were submitted for judges to review their dishes with the theme of health and love. The Closing Ceremony cum Award Presentation was held in Hong Kong Revival Hub in the morning on 31st October, 2020. Heartfelt thanks to our honorable guests, including:

The Assistant District Governor of Rotary E-Club of District 3450 (Ms. Cassy Cheng)
The Deputy Assistant District Governor of Rotary E-Club of District 3450/ Charter President (Ms. Sally Ho)
President (Mr. Thomas Chan) of Rotary E-Club of Tamar HK
Service Project Chair (Mr. Ivan Hon)
Past President of North-eastern Rotary Club (Ms. Kenness Ng)
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Dr. Kenneth Chui)
Chief Executive of The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (Ms. Anthea Lee).

  SRACP 62nd Annual General Meeting 11.12.2019  



The 62nd Annual General Meeting of The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (SRACP) was successfully held on 11th December 2019 at Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, with Dr. PANG Kin Kee, SBS, President of SRACP and Mr Woo Ying Ming, CSDSM, Commissioner of Correctional Services, as the Guest-of-Honour. Over 200 guests, including Social Welfare Department officials, representatives of Social Welfare Bureau of MSAR Government, partners, NGOs representatives, SRACP’s committee members, colleagues, volunteers, and service users attended the ceremony.

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  Big congrats to “Blue Bus – Sharing of LOVE” project” on winning the KF Recognition Award 2019 1.5.2019  

「藍巴士—讓愛高飛計劃」榮獲凱瑟克基金 「KF Recognition Award 2019」


“Blue Bus – Sharing of LOVE” project” aims to provide comprehensive service support for the families of rehabilitated offenders or people under prosecution, in order to facilitate a healthy living environment for the children, improve parent-child attachment, children’s personal and social development, and quality of childcare. The project was honoured by Keswick Foundation with the best service project of the year and was awarded the "KF Recognition Award 2019". The successful project was indebted to the unwavering support from our colleagues and different parties.

The purpose of the Keswick Foundation Recognition Award is to raise the profile of the particular NGO, its project and the team involved, as well as to encourage NGOs to develop their capacity-building skills in the Hong Kong community. In choosing the award winner, the KF looks at quality of work, quantity of work, project management, and communication, as well as project budgeting and sustainability.

It's a distinct honor to receive “KF Recognition Award 2019”. We will continue to make persistent efforts to provide appropriate services to vulnerable communities in need, and strive to build up a safe and inclusive society.

  SRACP Charity Golf Raises Funds for Under-privileged and Youth-at-risk Services 11.4.2019  

香港善導會慈善高爾夫球賽圓滿舉行 籌集善款支持弱勢及高危青少年


The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (SRACP) hosted its fourth charity golf tournament in the Hong Kong Golf Club (Eden course) on Thursday, 11th April 2019. The event aims to raise funds for supporting the under-privileged groups and youth-at-risk services. There were 16 golfer teams competing the tournament, around 100 guests and staff in total joined the fundraising event.

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  ERB Annual Award Presentation Ceremony 2018-19 5.1.2019  



Our Society participated in the ERB Annual Award Presentation Ceremony 2018-19 on 5.1.2019. Our Society won “ERB Outstanding Award for Course Management” and “ERB Outstanding Award for Placement Services (Special Target Group)”. At the same time, our trainee, employer and staff received the “ERB Outstanding Award for Trainees”, “ERB Merit Award for Employers” and “ERB Merit Award for Trainers” respectively.

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  第六十一屆周年大會 5.12.2018  



香港善導會第六十一屆周年大會於2018年12月5日假溫莎公爵社會服務大廈一樓大禮堂順利舉行。大會十分榮幸邀得贊助人馬道立首席法官, GBM及勞工及福利局局長羅致光博士, GBS, JP蒞臨主禮,同場嘉賓還包括多位合作夥伴、歷屆及現任的政府官員、委員和同事、社福機構代表、義工、服務使用者等,約200多人出席,非常熱鬧。

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  The Award Presentation Ceremony of Mock Trial – Justice Education Project 2017-2018 30.06.2018  

The Award Presentation Ceremony of Mock Trial – Justice Education Project 2017-2018


The Award Presentation Ceremony of Mock Trial – Justice Education Project 2017-2018 was successfully held in Leung Shek Chee College on 30th June 2018. We were honored to invite The Hon. Mr. Justice Wally YEUNG, V-P, Mr. Richard AU YEUNG, Assistant Secretary of Security Bureau of the HKSAR Government, Mr. Andrew MOK, Special Magistrate, Mr. Joseph TSE, SC, Ms. Eva Chau, Principal of Leung Shek Chee College, Mr. Andy NG, Chief Executive of SRACP, and Ms. Anthea LEE, Deputy Chief Executive of SRACP as our officiating guests. The Ceremony was puzzle-themed, signified that everyone in the project played an important role and their participation truly contributed to the success of the Project.

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  "So Dragon" joined its first match at the Tai Po Waterfront 18.06.2018  


The SRACP's first dragon boat team, "So Dragon", joined its first match at the Tai Po Waterfront at Dragon Boat Festival on 18th June,2018. Together with athletes' arduous training and solidarity between rowers, So Dragon entered finals with a third place and bagged the ninth place out of twenty six teams. The results were encouraging and the spirit of "One Dragon, One Heart" will go on.

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  The 6th SRACP Benevolent Employers Awards Presentation Ceremony 11.5.2018  



The 6th SRACP Benevolent Employers Awards Presentation Ceremony, with the theme ‘Together We Achieve More', was hosted successfully on 11th May 2018. The event was supported by various stakeholders and SRACP was pleased to commend the benevolent employers for extending a helping hand to the Society. Looking ahead, SRACP wishes to collaborate with more corporates or employers and to foster positive lives among our service users.

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  SRACP Charity Golf Raises Funds for Under-privileged and Youth-at-risk Services 3.5.2018  



The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (SRACP) hosted its third annual charity golf tournament in the Hong Kong Golf Club (Eden course) on Thursday, 3rd May 2018. The event was title sponsored by Pico Zeman Asset Management Limited and approximately HK$0.37 million was raised to support the under-privileged groups and youth-at-risk services. 17 golf teams participated in the tournament. More than 100 guests and staff joined the fundraising event.

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  上海市司法局陸衞東局長及葉林處長到訪本會 22.3.2018  



上海市司法局局長陸衞東先生及上海市司法局法制處(研究室)處長(主任)葉林先生於2018年3月22日到訪本會,並就更生人士之康復政策、預防犯罪及相關服務等作交流及討論。 陸局長對本會之戒毒服務、朋輩輔導及閒暇管理方面作深入了解及交換意見。雙方期盼未來有更多合作及交流的機會,努力建設包容而安全的社會。

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  「華麗人生」慈善鑽禧晚宴 1.12.2017  



感謝主禮嘉賓香港善導會贊助人終審法院馬道立首席法官 GBM 、署理政務司司長 黃錦星先 GBS,JP、各位贊助商、合作夥伴、歷屆及現任的政府官員、委員和同事、海外及本地社福機構、義工、服務使用者及表演團體超過700人支持及出席昨晚的六十週年大會及「華麗人生」慈善鑽禧晚宴。

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  第六十屆週年大會 1.12.2017  



第六十屆週年大會於2017年12月1日圓滿舉行,大會十分榮幸邀得終審法院馬道立首席法官 GBM及懲教署署長林國良先生CSDSM擔任主禮嘉賓,超過200位嘉賓、機構代表、委員及職員出席,場面熱鬧。本會主席李瀚良法官報告2016-17年度會務後,亦藉此機會讚揚員工所付出的努力,頒發年度卓越員工獎、卓越計劃獎及職員長期服務獎。

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  「講.港.法治」青年研討會 – 多角度探討「法治」與「守法」 5.7.2017  

「講.港.法治」青年研討會 – 多角度探討「法治」與「守法」


2017年,除了是本會鑽禧六十週年慶典,亦是推行「模擬法庭.公義教育計劃」的十週年。為著引發學生對認識法治興趣以及持守法治精神,七月五日(星期三) 上午十時至下午五時三十分於九龍灣國際展貿中心舉辦一個以青年人主導的「講.港.法治」青年研討會,吸引500多名參加者出席。

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  ERB 25周年開展禮暨第9屆ERB「人才發展計劃」頒獎禮 11.3.2017  

ERB 25周年開展禮暨第9屆ERB「人才發展計劃」頒獎禮


本會於2017年3月11日舉行之ERB 25周年開展禮暨第9屆ERB「人才發展計劃」頒獎禮中榮獲「ERB課程管理獎」及「ERB就業服務獎」,所提名的公司及學員亦喜獲「ERB優異僱主獎」及「ERB優異學員獎」,共同見證得獎學員的傑出表現,並向支持本會的僱主表示謝意。

本會於當日更設立咖啡拉花及報讀課程攤位,向市民展示從培訓課程所學的知識及技能。本會總幹事吳宏增先生及再培訓局主席梁永祥先生, SBS, JP亦到本會攤位為各得獎者打氣。


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  「商界展關懷」社區伙伴合作展2017 10.3.2017  





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  棱鏡:性罪犯的評估、判刑及復康專業論壇 6.3.2017  





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  義工嘉許禮2016 4.3.2017  





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  第五十九屆週年大會暨六十週年啟動禮 8.12.2016  



第五十九屆週年大會暨六十週年啟動禮會於2016年12月8日圓滿舉行,大會十分榮幸邀得勞工及福利局局長張建宗, GBS, JP擔任主禮嘉賓,超過200位嘉賓、機構代表、委員及職員出席,場面熱鬧。本會主席李瀚良法官報告2015-2016年度會務後,與各蒞臨嘉賓一同回顧過去一年的精彩活動;同時,本會亦藉此機會讚揚員工所付出的努力,頒發年度卓越員工獎、卓越新晉員工獎、卓越計劃獎及職員長期服務獎。

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  第五屆善導僱主嘉許禮 23.6.2016  

星」 第五屆善導僱主嘉許禮


第五屆善導僱主嘉許禮於本年6月23日舉行,活動除了為一直以來支持更生人士及殘疾人士的僱主和僱員打氣外,同時鼓勵更多僱主加入聘請更生人士及殘疾人士的行列。活動有幸得到勞工及福利局副局長蕭偉強先生, JP、本會副贊助人李鋈麟博士, JP、香港懲教署助理署長(更生事務)鄧秉明先生, CSDSM、社會福利署感化服務組總社會工作主任(感化服務)顧國麗女士、不同合作伙伴及一眾僱主僱員支持。本屆共20間公司獲獎,當中7間獲新晉善導僱主獎,13間獲傑出善導僱主獎,而得分最高的善導僱主更成為本屆的卓越善導僱主。

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  「甦星」 - 一個讓更生人士發聲及發揮潛能的劇團 10.6.2016  




《am730》專欄作家黃明樂小姐對演出有這樣的描述: 「…….. 中等身材的男主角站在台上,像個巨人,獨唱聲靚、音準,發自內心的感情輻射到觀眾席,看得人揪了心。」「甦星」劇團的成立除了讓更生人士發揮潛能之外,更重要是搭建一個平台,透過戲劇演出讓社會大眾暸解更生人士康復路上的困難,從而增加諒解、接納,並願意為他們提供機會,成為他們的「同行者」。

至於「英雄本色」呢 ? 大家可能會想起由周潤發、狄龍、張國榮主演的電影,其實,早在60年代同名的電影已經拍攝過,當年是由龍剛導演執導,謝賢、嘉玲主演,60年代的香港對坐過監的朋友非常歧視,龍導演對更生人士(當年叫釋囚)重返社會的描述,刻畫細膩,坐過監的人會被叫做「監疐」,只要你坐過一次監,就一世人都不能丟掉這個身份,你就被肯定一世是壞人似的。 電影當年便是向香港釋囚協助會(即香港善導會的前身)搜集資料的,當中反映釋囚被社會拒绝的心聲,相當無奈。兩齣電影雖年代不同,但都有一共同點,就是兩位主角都有「承擔責任」、「改過自新」及為了要重新做人而勇敢面對種種困難。

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  Our Society was recognized as the Manpower Developer at the 6th ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme (2016-18) 14.6.2016  

Our Society was recognized as the Manpower Developer at the 6th ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme (2016-18)


Our Society regards staff as an important human capital and is always committed to provide comprehensive training and development for them. It aligns with one of our core values to pursue excellence with a learning culture.

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) launched the "ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme" (the Scheme) to recognize organizations which demonstrate outstanding achievements in manpower training and development as Manpower Developers (MDs). The assessment was divided into preliminary assessment and assessment interview. Four assessment criteria included leading a learning culture, resources planning, training and development system and performance management. Organizations that fulfill the criteria will be acknowledged as MDs within a two-year validity period, subject to renewal every two years. Our Society has been qualified as MD in the NGO category. The Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 19 May 2016.

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  義工主演微電影《樓梯》 與社區人士齊欣賞首映 7.5.2016  

義工主演微電影《樓梯》 與社區人士齊欣賞首映


本會轄下義工發展服務 (Volunteer Development Service)於2016年5月7日假尖沙咀UA-ISquare順利舉行微電影《樓梯》的首映禮。當天有超過110位社區人士、委員及義工出席欣賞,在觀看微電影過後,更有過來人及演員感人的分享,帶出接納、愛與機會對更生人士的重要性。 透過是次拍攝微電影,初次參與拍攝工作的一眾義工們對本會的服務使用者有更深的了解,同時亦鼓勵他們繼續參與義工服務,並推動更多社區人士接觸及接納更生人士。

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  香港善導會「靈猴歡躍報豐年」新春聯歡晚會 16.2.2016  



「靈猴歡躍報豐年」新春聯歡晚會,是本會一年一度,與各友好合作伙伴、來賓、各單位同工及會友聚首一堂的大型新春活動,今年更延開47席。 當晚得到懲教署、社會福利署、各僱主及導師之蒞臨及參與,令活動生色不少。

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  「夢想飛翔」 計劃        「實現理想,夢想飛翔」,復元既念在精神健康服務的實踐 12.12.2015  

「夢想飛翔」 計劃 「實現理想,夢想飛翔」,復元既念在精神健康服務的實踐


每個人都有自己的夢想,只要堅持信念,努力實踐,終有一日都能「實現理想,夢想飛翔」。 然而,受到精神困擾的朋友往往因為病情所拖累,以及外在環境不接納和不信任的態度而放棄對夢想的追尋。正因為如此,精神健康服務使用者在復元過程中,或加需要別人的接納和鼓勵。

香港善導會在2015年3月至11月期間,特別舉辦了「夢想飛翔」計劃,利用優勢評估(Strengths Assessment)和個人復元計劃(Personal Recovery Plan)等工具,協助服務使用者發掘自己的優點和長處,加以發揮,為自己訂立明確的復元目標。計劃吸引了300多位服務使用者參與,在本會同工鼓勵和協助下,落實復元概念,積極面對生活,並以精神健康為大前提,展現自主人生。

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  「夢想飛翔」 計劃        「實現理想,夢想飛翔」,復元既念在精神健康服務的實踐 12.12.2015  

「夢想飛翔」 計劃 「實現理想,夢想飛翔」,復元既念在精神健康服務的實踐


每個人都有自己的夢想,只要堅持信念,努力實踐,終有一日都能「實現理想,夢想飛翔」。 然而,受到精神困擾的朋友往往因為病情所拖累,以及外在環境不接納和不信任的態度而放棄對夢想的追尋。正因為如此,精神健康服務使用者在復元過程中,或加需要別人的接納和鼓勵。

香港善導會在2015年3月至11月期間,特別舉辦了「夢想飛翔」計劃,利用優勢評估(Strengths Assessment)和個人復元計劃(Personal Recovery Plan)等工具,協助服務使用者發掘自己的優點和長處,加以發揮,為自己訂立明確的復元目標。計劃吸引了300多位服務使用者參與,在本會同工鼓勵和協助下,落實復元概念,積極面對生活,並以精神健康為大前提,展現自主人生。

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  第五十八屆週年大會 10.12.2015  




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  香港善導會「甦Walk」慈善行山賽2015 8.11.2015  





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  職業發展服務﹕「匯智傳愛合作伙伴交流晚宴」 5.10.2015  



香港善導會於2015年10月5日假荔枝角盈暉海鮮酒家舉行 「匯智傳愛合作伙伴交流晚宴」, 當日本會職員與一眾僱主及導師參與活動,以互相交流服務發展及促進合作關係。



  收聽商業電台《有誰共鳴》 支持本會服務 21.8.2015  

收聽商業電台《有誰共鳴》 支持本會服務


本會副贊助人、執行委員會委員兼籌款委員會主席李鋈麟博士太平紳士日前代表香港善導會到商業電台,為節目《有誰共鳴》Share My Song進行錄音,分享其自身經歷及歌曲外,亦簡介了本會以及即將舉行的大型慈善活動「甦Walk」。

節目將於2015年8月24日以下時段播出,邀請大家按時收聽及呼籲親友支持。透過分享,我們希望引起公眾對弱勢人士的關注和共鳴,藉此推動社會給予他們一個重生機會。如欲為本會服務對象送上一點關懷及祝福,請在節目首播的24小時內 (即8月24日上午6:00 至8月25日上午5:59),以手機發送一個短訊#(SMS)至50 881 903,即可捐款港幣$5*支持香港善導會的工作。每多發一次短訊,本會可獲得更多捐款,希望大家踴躍參與!

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  職場新天地課程及職業博覽 (西九龍區) 10.8.2015  

職場新天地 課程及職業博覽 (西九龍區)


香港善導會於2015年8月10日假西九龍中心順利舉行 「職場新天地 課程及職業博覽 (西九龍區)」, 當日參加人數眾多,共設立了16個不同攤位,供公眾人士即場招聘、報讀ERB課程及轉介服務。 當日台上更有3位星級導師示範花藝、調酒及化妝技巧。

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  「愛心連線通」電話支援計劃支票遞交儀式 28.7.2015  



香港善導會於2015年7月28日假香港善導會朗澄坊舉行「愛心連線通」電話支援計劃支票遞交儀式, 由社會福利署元朗區福利專員林偉業女士、香港善導會高級經理(精神健康服務)區美儀女士、香港愛心慈善基金會會長梁永強先生及主委戴耀華MH太平紳士主持。是次捐款總額港幣20萬元,全數撥捐給香港善導會朗澄坊開展電話支援服務,讓朗澄坊招募電話支援義工,為居住在元朗鄉郊地區的服務使用者提供定期的電話支援及關懷服務。

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  恒生青年創業計劃「創業分享會暨啟動禮」 28.7.2015  




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  年長康復者與更生人士踏天橋 與學生合作重拾年輕自信 22.6.2015  

年長康復者與更生人士踏天橋 與學生合作重拾年輕自信


(香港 – 2015年6月18日) 活力不再是年青人的專利!年過六十的精神病康復者及更生人士穿上與大學生合作設計的新衣,於「穿出新天地2015」的舞台上向公眾展示年青活潑的一面。

由香港善導會與香港理工大學紡織及製衣學系連續第四年合辦、荃新天地及Make Up For Ever贊助的「穿出新天地2015」於今年6月18日舉行;活動以「朝氣活力」為主題,共有20組參加者演繹自己的作品,當中包括14位精神病康復者及6位更生人士。

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  《父女》生命教育劇場 1-3.5.2015  



本會社區教育及預防犯罪服務再度與Just Education Services Organisation合作,於5月1 至 3日假賽馬會創意藝術中心(JCCAC) 賽馬會黑盒劇場順利舉辦生命教育劇場《父女》。籌辦劇場的目的是讓更生人士以過來人身份參與,讓他們與社區接觸,既得到別人的鼓勵,避免重犯,亦能以身作則,宣揚預防犯罪意識。

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  Bright Services achieved Gold Award (Website Stream) at Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Awards 13.4.2015  

Bright Services achieved Gold Award (Website Stream) at Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Awards


Congratulations to our social enterprise, Bright Services Company Limited, on achieving Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme - Gold Award (Website Stream)!

The third Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 13 April 2015. With a total of 146 awardees, Bright Services is being awarded the Gold Award in Website Stream category in its first-year participation. The website of Bright Services now provides "barrier-free experience" to the visually impaired and elderly. Not only could they obtain more information online, it also projects a positive image of our social enterprise.

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  Caring Company Partnership Expo 2015 25.3.2015  

Caring Company Partnership Expo 2015


SRACP once again participated in the annual "Caring Company Partnership Expo" on 25 March this year. The design concept of our exhibition booth came from our social enterprise "Chef's Noodle" with a theme of "Nourish ex-offenders, establish a harmonic future". Kimchi and plum tea sampling were offered to all visitors, attracting a large number of employers and different organisations to visit our booth. We would like to take this opportunity to express our greatest gratitude to the expo organiser Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the nominees, and the visitors.

In 2014/2015, SRACP has successfully nominated 29 companies and organisations, and 5 of them have received the 10-year award. We would like to give thanks to the following companies for their continuous support to the ex-offender rehabilitation:

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  第五十七屆周年大會 11.12.2014  



本會於2014年12月11日舉行第五十七屆周年大會,約160位嘉賓、委員、機構代表及本會職員出席。繼本會會長彭鍵基先生 SBS代贊助人終審法院馬道立首席法官 GBM致辭及本會主席李瀚良法官報告2013-14年度會務,本會榮幸獲得保安局副局長李家超先生PDSM, PMSM, JP蒞臨並擔任主講嘉賓。當日,除了播放過去一年各活動的回顧外,大會亦頒發卓越服務計畫獎、卓越表現員工獎及長期服務獎,以表揚各位員工對本會付出的努力。

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  SRACP Charity Walk 2014 23.9.2014  

香港善導會 2014 慈善行山比賽 - 甦 Walk


Following the success of last year, SRACP is going to organise the second SRACP Charity Walk on 23 November 2014. This year, a brand new trail is picked for "Challenge Contest" and "Experience Track". The Challenge Contest, conducted on a competition basis, is designed for long-distance or trail runners while the Experience Track is designed for families or those who enjoy outing…

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  Ozproperty Investment 88 Presents: SRACP Charity Drama – Detention 8.9.2014  

Ozproperty Investment 88 冠名贊助「打轉教室」香港善導會慈善専場


"Ozproperty Investment 88 Presents: SRACP Charity Drama – Detention"was successfully staged and received with tremendous enthusiasm on 29 and 31 August, 2014 respectively at Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre. The amount raised would be used for SRACP's development of Crime Prevention Service. SRACP's Vice Patron, Chairman, Vice Chairlady and committee members injected new elements into the acclaimed comedy and went on stage for charity.

Their performance showed how a CEO of listed company, impartial and selfless Justice, serious lawyers, and school principal transformed into extraordinary thieves, mischievous principal and talented janitors, revealing their humour and rarely-known sides to the audience.

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  2014年與廣東省青年聯合會交流 20.8.2014  




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  Charity Sale 2014 24.7.2014  



The Society Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong has organised a fund raising programme named "Charity Sale" during the following dates at Atrium of Lok Fu Plaza, exit E of Causeway Bay MTR station and exit A of Tung Chung MTR station. With the kind support of various mall and organisations, the Charity Sale was held successfully with HK$3,320.50* raised. The amount raised will be used for replenishing household wares for inmates as well as improving their poor living qualities in cubicle apartments. We would like to thank you all volunteers and donors for their generous contribution!   

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  香港善導會朗澄坊開幕典禮 20.6.2014  




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  第四屆善導僱主嘉許禮 16.5.2014  



本會於2014年5月16日(星期五)舉辦 第四屆善導僱主嘉許禮。今年的主題「締造機會傳遞希望」,希望當日到場的不同界別及行業人士都願意給更生人士、精神病康復者、殘疾人士及失業人士一個重新投入社會的機會。本屆 嘉許禮共有19間公司/機構獲得善導僱主獎項,在此感謝以下公司/機構在過去一年一直支持本會的更生康復服務…  

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  「商界展關懷」社區伙伴合作展2014 28.2.2014  




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  特首及夫人昨晚惠顧韓廚麵 16.2.2014  



特首及夫人昨晚光臨本會社企明朗服務有限公司韓廚麵,點了招牌菜--韓廚麵及韓廚牛肋骨煲。品嚐後,他們稱讚我們年青廚師廚藝一流。他們不單大快朶頤, 同時亦十分認同韓廚麵的理念, 以栽培年青人為專業廚師及餐飲業人員為目標,讓他們各展潛能,發揮所長, 創造自己的未來… 

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  第六屆ERB人才發展計劃頒獎禮活動花絮 4.1.2014  



本會於2014年1月4日參與僱員再培訓局在九龍灣國際展貿中心舉行之第六屆ERB「人才 發展計劃」頒獎禮,由勞工及福利局局長張建宗先生, GBS, JP與常任秘書長譚贛蘭小姐 , JP,聯同再培訓局主席梁永祥先生, BBS, JP、副主席余鵬春先生, SBS, JP及行政總監… 

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  第五十六屆週年大會 12.12.2013  




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  香港善導會慈善步行籌款 2013 甦WALK 20.10.2013  

香港善導會慈善步行籌款 2013 甦WALK


「甦walk」大型慈善步行籌款活動, 終於在昨天早上順利舉行。舒爽的天氣及美好的大自然景色, 參加者可以享受美好陽光與大自然之餘, 也為到更生人士及家庭服務籌款, 令活動更添意義。參加者的汗水與笑容、團體的合作與鼓勵。 一幕幕感動的場面, 連結成活動的精彩片段。有你們的參與, 令到活動得以成功, 在此感謝…  

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  「甦Mate」 14.10.2013  




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  穿出新天地 2013 15.6.2013  

穿出新天地 2013


精神病或許會伴隨患者一生,一般人認為歧視和標籤問題是康復過程中最難克服的困難 ,但更難的是要拿出勇氣去接受患病的事實及繼續積極生活。建基於去年成功的經驗, 今年香港善導會與香港理工大學再次合辦恒生銀行贊助的「穿出新天地2013」活動…  

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  2013 年專業交流活動 12.5.2013  

2013 年專業交流活動


2013年專業交流活動 - 與南韓法務部犯罪預防政策局交流。

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  Caring Company 商界展關懷活動 2013 22.1.2013  

Caring Company 商界展關懷活動 2013


本會職業發展服務和富湛有限公司合作的伙伴計劃「富湛」朝陽 – 善導團隊助更生 2013年度的商界展關懷活動中被選為社區展示項目之一,此計劃主要為在囚人士提供就業技能培訓,及為更生人士提供就業機會、在職訓練和輔導,幫助更生人士培養良好…  

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  明朗服務有限公司15週年慶典暨新車剪綵儀式 13.12.2012  



今年不但是香港善導會成立五十五年,亦是轄下的社會企業明朗服務有限公司十五週年 誌慶。明朗於二零一二年十二月十三日於九龍塘生產力大樓四樓舉辦了慶祝典禮,亦為社會企業總會所捐贈的5.5噸新搬運貨車舉行剪綵儀式。是次活動邀請了民政事務局副局長許曉暉女士 SBS, JP擔任主禮嘉賓。明朗自一九九七年由搬運服務起家,期後加入清…  

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  第五十五屆週年大會 6.12.2012  



本會於2012年12月6日舉行第五十五屆週年大會,逾160位嘉賓、委員、機構代表及本會職員出席。除了由本會贊助人終審法院馬道立首席法官GBM致歡迎辭及報告20011-12年度會 務外,本會榮幸獲得政務司司長林鄭月娥女士,GBS, JP蒞臨並擔任主講嘉賓。當日…  

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  南韓交流團 22.11.2012  



南韓法務部犯罪豫防委員及南部地域協議會於22/11/2012到訪本會職業發展服務辦事 處交流預防犯罪工作心得…  

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  SHOW YOUR HANDS 香港善導會五十五週年籌款晚宴 16.11.2012  

SHOW YOUR HANDS 香港善導會五十五週年籌款晚宴


為慶祝香港善導會成立五十五年,本會於二零一二年十一月十六日於上環大舞臺飯店 舉辦了一 場籌款晚宴。當晚承蒙嘉瑞集團主席李遠發先生冠名贊助支持,亦多謝悟宿 基金有限公司、譽 宴集團有限公司和DG Café & Wine Cuisine 的贊助。晚宴主題是 「Show Your Hands」…  

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  2012 年專業交流活動 10.10.2012  

2012 年專業交流活動


2012年專業交流活動 - 地點包括 : 美國、新加坡、中國、澳門、英國等地。

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  香港善導會賣旗日 - 風雨同路 30.6.2012  

香港善導會賣旗日 - 風雨同路


本會賣旗日已於 2012 年 6 月 30 日舉行,由於受到颱風杜蘇芮侵 襲,是次賣旗活動及收益大受影響。天文台在 6 月 29 日晚上發出八號颱 風訊號,為顧及義工的安全,本會宣佈賣旗日取消,雖然在 6 月 30 日早 上 6 時已除下風球,但在不同地區仍受暴雨影響,但有部份義工仍自發 地冒著風雨繼續賣旗,負責旗站的同工亦緊守崗位,有未能參與賣旗的 義工以捐款表達對機構的支持。雖然賣旗日最終只籌得港幣$287,935, 但已充分表現同工和義工與機構風雨同路的精神。

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  香港善導會五十五週年心火相傳體驗互動日 25.6.2012  



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  「元州三十」:倡導精神健康政策起動日 25.6.2012  



倡導檢討香港精神健康政策聯席批評,當局欠缺精神健康服務的整體策劃,難協調各 部門運作,更因人手不足導致政策推行困難。 聯席促請新一屆政府,盡早成立精神健康 委員會,成員除包括政府部門外…

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  French May 法國五月 20.6.2012  

French May 法國五月


法國五月-「融•愛」藝術展覽會將於二零一二年五月十六至五月三十日舉行。是次展 覽會的創作是由兩位著名的法國塗鴉畫家(KONGO及CEET)負責,他們亦曾為多個國際 時尚品牌作設計(如HERMES)。法國五月-「融•愛」藝術展覽會將於二零一二年五月…

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  第三屆善導僱主嘉許禮 15.6.2012  



租貴!料貴!人工貴!近年企業的營運成本急劇上升,僱主招聘員工時額外謹慎,導 致一般人搵工難,更生人士因有刑事紀錄,搵工就更難上加難。然而,社會上仍有很多 僱主用人唯才,不計背景,願意為更生人士提供就業機會。香港善導會職業發展服務於 2012年6月15日舉辦『善導僱主嘉許禮』,便是希望能表揚及嘉許在競爭激烈…

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  善導會足球隊勇奪社工盃足球賽亞軍 21.5.2012  



一直致力提倡及促進會內同工強身健體及彼此間友誼的本會足球隊,於2011至2012年 度社工盃足球賽中表現神勇,晋身於本年5月20日舉行的決賽,在力戰下不敵冠軍球隊 YMCA,最終獲得亞軍…

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  May 姐任包糭賽評判 大讚更生人士做糭好吃 5.5.2012  

May姐任包糭賽評判 大讚更生人士做糭好吃


日前有專門幫助更生人士康復的機構香港善導會特意請May姐,為其在荷里活廣場 舉辦的「糭有你鼓勵」親子包糭大賽擔任評判。善導會除了安排師傅教大家包糭,還 大派試食,May姐試過都大讚好吃、兼且非常足料… …

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  社企辦親子包糉賽 鼓勵接納更生人士 5.5.2012  

社企辦親子包糉賽 鼓勵接納更生人士


菠蘿、香腸、粟米等都不是一般慣常拿來做糉的材料;但今日在鑽石山荷里活廣場, 一班小朋友發揮創意,把這些新式做糉材料重新配搭,做出一隻又一隻讓人驚喜的 "心意糉"… …

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  義賣及月捐計劃 17.02.2012  



本會將於以下日期在銅鑼灣地鐵站E出口對出位置作 義賣、 服務及月捐計劃介紹,本會 職員將親到街頭作月捐推廣,以進一步向公眾宣揚接納更生人士的訊息…  

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  中秋特稿:釋囚家人盼接納 企業義工表關心 27.9.2011  

中秋特稿:釋囚家人盼接納 企業義工表關心


「我有家人是囚犯!因為他們都是我的家人!」富湛有限公司董事羅奕萱先生肯定的 道出幫助釋囚的原因。正是羅先生的無私精神,願意把釋囚看成自己的家人,也感染了 他的員工,成立了企業義工隊,於中秋前夕到多個釋囚家庭送上關心… …

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  與國家衛生部部長陳竺及其代表團會面 8.6.2011  



國家生部部長陳竺及其訪問團於2011年6月8日探訪紅絲帶中心,陳部長及其代表團 特希望透過此行了解香港非政府組織在愛滋病預防工作上之角色。因此,衛生訪護中心 共邀請了本地4間非政府組織作分享(香港愛滋病基金會、關懷愛滋、香港善導會…  

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